Fig Reaper Hot Sauce
  • Fig Reaper Hot Sauce
  • Fig Reaper Hot Sauce

Fig Reaper Hot Sauce


This unique hot sauce is made from our farm grown fresh Celeste figs and Carolina Reaper peppers.


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We take our farm grown fresh Celeste figs and extract the sugars with a fruit press and concentrate it into syrup. This "fig syrup" is the base of this unique hot sauce and we pair it with Carolina Reaper peppers for a sauce that starts out sweet and finishes hot. With all of our hot sauces; our goal is not to 'burn your face off' with so much heat that it ruins your food. We strive for a balance of flavors, pairing pepper varieties with fruits or vegetable and spices that complement each other to bring out the uniqueness of the peppers we choose to create these sauces with. Each pepper we choose is based off of taste of the pepper itself, not just it's Scoville rating. It's easy to make something hot, it's another thing to find balance between heat and flavor.

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